My services.

I provide one to one, and one to many, chemistry tuition for secondary school students of all ages. This includes KS3 Chemistry, GCSE and A Level.  Please click here to receive a full price list by email. To book a lesson, click here and provide the requested information. 

When you register a lesson with me, you will be asked to confirm your current level of study (KS3, GCSE, A Level), and the particular area or areas of chemistry that you would like covered in the lesson. This information allows me to prepare resources that meet your specific needs. You will also be asked to provide your name and email address so that I can contact you to confirm the booking or request additional information where required.

Once a lesson has been booked and confirmed you will receive an invitation by email to join my online private meeting room at the allotted date and time. Simply follow the link in the email before the start of the lesson.   I use online meeting software provided by Zoom. It is similar to Skype but in addition to audio and video communications, I can screen-share documents and allow you to interact with them by giving you control of the mouse and keyboard. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of this software, I will be happy to reassure you with more information. 

If you would like regular lessons, or require a block booking, please email me at and I will be delighted to set this up for you.  Payments are managed electronically by bank transfer or Paypal, with payment in advance required to secure a booking.  For block bookings, payment in advance is only required on a lesson by lesson basis.  For the latest news on new services as they become available, please subscribe to my Facebook and Twitter accounts below.  For interesting chemistry news, general study tips and advice on all things chemistry, please follow my blog.